Redefining A Few Old Goals

I’m not really a ‘new year’ goal setter. I’ve never found much motivation on the first day of a new year. I think  it’s because where I live (Utah) the weather on January 1st is typically 25 degrees and overcast. Such conditions do not inspire major goal setting sessions. In my estimation the best season of the year to set goals is late summer. It’s much easier to set meaningful goals when the weather is fine . In fact I wholly attribute today’s goal setting extravaganza to warm weather and the faded memory of a bitter, terrible, freezing winter. Without further delay – onto the goals.

-First – schedule revamp. For years I have had bedtime and wakeup goals of 10:00 pm and 6:00 am. To date I have remained horribly inconsistent with these two times. Bedtime generally fluctuates between 9:30-11:30 pm and wakeup between 5:30-8:30. Personally, daily productivity is determined more by my sleep schedule than by any other one thing so I am recommitting myself to be in bed, lights off no later than 10:00pm and out of bed with my workout clothes on by 6:30 Monday-Saturday (Sundays off for religious observance).

-2nd. Family first, school second and work sometime after that. I won’t address family priorities as a weakness of mine rather as an area where there is always room for growth. I believe that no matter the circumstances the family is first. Now school on the other hand is a bit more tricky. I am an entrepreneur. In other words I couldn’t hack it at school when I was younger and I needed to make money somehow so I started a business. Some of you may not appreciate this loose definition but in my case it’s an accurate one. I’d always wanted to go to school but  I didn’t see how I could decide the rest of my life without having experienced more than a college library and possibly a semester abroad. So instead I went to Argentina for 22 months on a service mission for my church. Needless to say it opened my eyes a bit to a reality greater than the one i’d previously known. I came home with an infused desire to make the world a better place and I was determined to spend my life  reaching out to those  whose needs were greater than mine own. So here I am 6 years later with a string of semi to moderately successful businesses under my belt and a young family, about to start college. Attending school is requiring a massive shift of focus and my goal is to finish my homework on the day it’s given and make studying a morning priority rather than an evening one.

-Third. In 3 and a half years of married life I’ve acquired a little bit of padding on the inside of my clothes (eh hmm). In order to shed this mysterious layer of insulation I’ve picked back up, with no small amount of effort, the ancient art of chasing landmarks, known to many simply as running. My goal is to lose one pound each week for 15 weeks. To accomplish this daring feat will require a minimum of (gasp) 3 miles per day 5 days per week. I understand your concern. You’re surely asking, “is this even humanly possible?” I’ve done the research and trust me, it is. In fact, there’s some guy named Dean from California who’s already doing it and he’s at least 40 years old. It goes without saying that reaching this goal may very well be the ‘piece de resitance’ of the life of Cameron Michael King. I will be accomplishing this goal through the clever implementation of propinquity by placing my alarm clock on top of my running clothes across the hall from our bedroom rather than on the floor next to our bed where it is infinitely easier to mute the alarm and avoid direct contact with my new pair of Brooks ‘Wings of Pegasus’ running shoes which typically reside under an ever-growing pile of  ankle socks.

These are no small tasks but I am confident that with a little bit of luck, an Indian summer, and yards of moleskin I will emerge victorious.

Redefining A Few Old Goals