“What’s in a Mantra?”

It’s Monday evening after a long day at school. I’ve got my Moleskin notebook laid out open on the desk in front of me and a dozen or so windows open on my computer on topics ranging from various colleges’ undergraduate and PhD programs,Tech Crunch and Mashable to the Harvard Business Review and Academic Earth, all in an effort to pick a life path. I confess that finding myself hunched over the keyboard in front of such an assortment of material is nothing new, in fact it is quite the norm for almost any given night of the week.

Sometimes I think that I’m too much of a ‘planner’. I like knowing where I’m going. I do best when I have a clear goal and a well defined path leading to it. I suppose I have this in common with a majority of the population.

Tonight I decided that it’s high time that I wrote myself a personal life mantra. I’m not a believer in mission statements. They’re too hard to remember and too easy to forget. Mantras are only a few words long and capture the purpose of what you’re trying to accomplish or in my case who I’m trying to become. It’s easy to confuse mantras with slogans. I think of it this way; slogans are for customers and mantras are for everybody else. A mantra should serve as inspiration, motivation and as a reminder of purpose.

It only took me 30 seconds to create my personal mantra. It is of course subject to change upon further evaluation of life purpose and direction but for now and the foreseeable future it is simply as follows: “Be present, live worthy, seek knowledge, gain experience.”

“What’s in a Mantra?”