What I learned when my technical co founder quit on New Years 2014

Everyone has their limit of what they are willing to give, sacrifice, and risk. It’s just that I haven’t hit mine yet.
Early on I avoided having difficult conversations, i.e holding my co founders and myself accountable.
Every goal needs a deadline.
Goals without deadlines are ships without sails.
Sweat the details from day one.
All meaningful progress comes from nailing the details.
Be willing to be wrong.
Even if you’re the ‘domain expert’ on your team.
Always be listening.
Listen first to your customers, potential users, team members, competitors and then trust your gut.
Teach what you learn.
I’m not as smart as I think I am. But I might be.
It’s easy to mistake hustle for intelligence when things are going well.
Hustle every dang day.
Don’t settle and do three things perfectly. Instead, do eight
Leaders are in fact readers.
Read to learn and for pleasure but never, ever, ever in place of taking action.
10/1 – execute/read.
Sales are the only thing that matters.
Revenue hides a multitude of mistakes. No money = no company.
Balance does not mean even.
You can be a great spouse, a wonderful parent, stay in shape and build a company at the same time but you can’t give them all equal time.
Be present.
When you’re with your team be with your team. Don’t let your mind wander. Be fully ‘in’ each moment. Same goes for customers, family, and friends.
Keep some in the tank.
Your family always gets your best, most creative, enthusiastic, optimistic, happiest self. “No other success can compensate for failure in the home.”
What I learned when my technical co founder quit on New Years 2014