My purpose in writing this blog is to share with you the reader the insights that have been shared with me over the last 8 years. My hope is that it will awaken you to the possibility of becoming. In other words you will experience your potential and learn strategies for developing the key skills which will enable you to ‘throw off the chains that bind’ as well as tap into a wellspring of personal power.

I’ve been privileged to connect with and study under world class athletes, best-selling authors, religious leaders, powerful politicians and world renowned designers. I’ve witnessed the miracle of birth and experienced the trauma of gang violence and kidnapping. I’ve seen marriages who have survived 60 years of challenges and addicts who couldn’t last 60 minutes of sobriety.

Striking the root is about identifying and eliminating the impediments in our lives that keep us from achieving personal greatness. “Great things are done when men and mountains meet.” William Blake


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